Internet marketing experts quickly realized that text based marketing does not hold the reader’s attention. People online are very visual. In fact, the average person responds to visual content because they find it more appealing to their senses. A page filled with simple text, simply does not cut it today. Marketing companies find that tapping into that part of the psyche that responds to visuals is the best way to reach a potential customer. For example, marketers that include attractive images, videos, screenshots, or presentations find it increases their readers interest and acts as a strong reminder about their content.

Adding Powerful Images

A digital marketing agency uses various methods to increase sales. For example, they discovered that simply adding powerful, related images quickly grab the interest of the reader or visitor to a website. It’s a basic marketing fact. Think about how foreboding a page filled with text looks to a visitor to a website. Odds are that they will click away to another website with a better visual presentation. Break up the text on your web pages with high quality images that are relevant to the information presented on the web page.

Adding Attention Grabbing Videos

Adding professional quality video presentation to a website might cost more than images, but it is well-worth the cost in the long run. A well presented video makes contact with the viewer in a very personal and memorable way. Include customer testimonials, The CEO welcoming visitors, information about future projects. Recent statistics on marketing techniques show that video presentations increase conversions dramatically.

Adding Screen Shots

Screen shots are a digital image of the things that are visible on a computer monitor. A marketer that is making a claim about a product or service might decide to take a digital image or screenshot to prove a point to their audience or to help an audience understand their claim. For example, a marketer claims that they’ve made several thousand in sales using a product or service. They present a digital image or screen shot to show the audience that the claim is true and that they are trustworthy.

Powerful Presentations

Share an attractive presentation via Slideshare, a professional content sharing community online. The site provides a way for the marketer to share powerful and interesting content with any audience. A professionally crafted presentation will draw interest and keep the audience engaged with the content that is presented. Thus, increasing the potential for more conversions and sales.

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