Don’t Judge a Book by it’s Cover!

But then again, don’t we all do that? First impressions matter – with human beings, with the cover on a novel, we absolutely make a decision based on what we see. It is no different with your website. If we do all of this marketing to get the consumer to your space, that space HAS to be visually impressive and ridiculously easy to navigate. Your website and graphic design are extremely important. The hard truth is, right or wrong, people will judge you based on it.

Website Graphic Design
Graphic Design

What Does Graphic Design Do For Me?

Wikipedia describes Graphic Design as ‘the process of visual communication and problem-solving using one or more of typography, photography, and illustration’. Your business logo, business card, flyers and brochures, the images that accompany your written content, and the color scheme and layout of your website all rely graphic design. Also consider infographics, memes, ads, and social posts. Good graphic design makes you appear consistent, professional, and trustworthy.

Is It Really That Serious?

“Can’t I just put a picture with my words and call it a day?” No. Across the digital landscape, even into your brick and mortar (if you have one), including business cards, signs, and logos – everything that speaks for your brand should be visually cohesive to build trust and consistency. This imagery needs to be fresh and interactive if your goal is to engage the consumer. Technology and trends change constantly, your visual representation must stay relevant. Without words, graphic design speaks volumes.

Website Design

Facebook Header Videos

Facebook Header Videos have taken over where the cover photos left off, and you definitely want to be a part of this movement! Using the video option is a smart choice because it gives you a window of time and creates an opportunity to engage potential customers. We know the format and other specifications required to breathe life (via video) into your business page. Let’s do this!

Infographic Design & Motion Graphics

Infographic Designs and Motion Graphics are an easy way for people to follow along with the message or information you are trying to present. Both Infographics and Motion Graphics should flow smoothly to tell a story, and since humans are visual creatures, these graphics help them to follow along and actually retain the information. Check out our examples.
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