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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Remarketing are all about building your brand and being seen. While Remarketing keeps you in the mind of the consumer by following them while they surf the web, PPC is about trending keywords, and ranking with search engines. It’s the perfect tool to get the attention of your perspective customer with an amazing ad at just the right time. Both of these tools build brand recognition, give you exposure, and work to get the consumer to your website.

PPC Remarketing
Remarketing Ads

First Impressions, Second Impressions... Just Keep Impressing!

Can you recall any one of the hundreds of ads you’ve been exposed to today? With so many, that first impression is a pretty tough to make. That is why Remarketing Ads are a brilliant technique. Remarketing shows an ad to someone who has already visited your social media page, website, or app. If they were already interested, but left without making a purchase, Remarketing kicks in and gently markets to them again by following them, nonchalantly, as they continue browsing. 

What Else?

Well, both Pay-Per-Click and Remarketing allow you to set a budget. You could put a small amount in to test the waters before jumping in. Furthermore, with PPC you only pay for clicks from interested consumers, which could, theoretically, result in sales, and it’s trackable!!! Your click-through rate will tell us if the ads are appealing. We can see which keywords and ad placements are resulting in conversions. This information can strengthen your SEO strategy too. There is so much more we want you to show you!!

Pay-Per-Click and Remarketing Services

Facebook Header Videos

Facebook Header Videos have taken over where the cover photos left off, and you definitely want to be a part of this movement! Using the video option is a smart choice because it gives you a window of time and creates an opportunity to engage potential customers. We know the format and other specifications required to breathe life (via video) into your business page. Let’s do this!

Infographic Design & Motion Graphics

Infographic Designs and Motion Graphics are an easy way for people to follow along with the message or information you are trying to present. Both Infographics and Motion Graphics should flow smoothly to tell a story, and since humans are visual creatures, these graphics help them to follow along and actually retain the information. Check out our examples.
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